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Mark Armistead

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Another Nambas bites the dust
December 26, 2010, 09:44:39 AM
Just before christmas i had a day out on the water to introduce a couple of keen anglers to top water fishing.
The guys worked pretty hard and caught  alot of small fish which provided a lot of entertainment, as the afternoon drew on the big boys came out to play. the guys were using some cheaper lures and could only get follows, after two casts with the gamma a good fish was on, this promted lure changes all around and a Nambas and Gamma were propmtly getting tossed all over the ocean.
Big packs of good sized kings aorund 15 to 20 kilos were soon all over the lures, a couple around 15 were landed in due course.
Whilst fishing with the nambas one of the guys had a pack of average sized fish up on the lure but not to be outdone a giant king muscled through the pack and inhaled the lure. At first the fish pulled a bit of string but then settled down, whne it was eventually straight under the boat the angler put a bit of heat on it to get it in before we ended up in shallow water. This upset the fish a bit and it took off in a blistering run staright to the bottom, in the end we never even looked like coming close to landing this fish. This was in 30 metres of water as well which shows the power of some of these fish.
Many of the fish hooked at the moment are in shallow water and are coming up covered in kelp with leaders scuffed up clearly showing they are in the reef, good times all round.

Hope you all had a greta Christmas
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Peter Morris

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Re: Another Nambas bites the dust
December 26, 2010, 11:39:42 AM
Awesome Mark,

I will meet up with you in March.
I am heading over with Greg and Paul......Cant wait..!

Merry xmas,
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