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Aaron Concord

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It comes down to price...some of the urethane is bloody expensive though bloody bullet proof...I need a mate who does some automotive spraying to go over them if he's doing a "run".
OR just to keep them a bit better, just the spray on stuff you can get in a can from Autobarn etc...the main thing is I haven't found an EPOXY that WON'T go yellow/brown, so I wouldn't grab Araldite or similar...
Whether it's the "fish funk" that ends up on a lure that masks any original odours or the fact that a beat up lure looks weak as p#ss and DESERVES to be eaten...well it could be a bit of both why a battlescarred veteran keeps catching until you lose it!!
I'm glad you liked the compliment.
With what I have seen caught on your lures, it's damn well justified....just like Jai's.
If I am not stealing a trade secret, what are you putting as the clear coat on your Heru's, Jon?
PNG eh....KKK is at it again!!!!!!

Jon Li

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Aaron ,

2K Poly-uerathane clear coating , the standard for automotive after market coating .

Jon .
It's not what you don't know that gets you into trouble , it's what you know for sure that ain't so . Mark Twain .

Aaron Concord

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Your a scholar & a gentleman...thank you for divulging what you use.

That was the automotive stuff my uncle & a freind use on their cars.
Now all I got to do is get some lures to them to give them a few coats and that will do wonders...
The fact is, the only thing that can annoy me with a lure is if the hooks keep digging in/catching on wear marks...it may make the lure useless until a rub back & a re-spray.
I don't like it when 1 in 3 casts end up in a fouled lure....and it's happened with VERY expensive brands just due to wear & tear.....hit it when it's new with a couple coats and even a Carpenter can keep going....at least until it's taken home for good!!!!!!!!!