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Hots Rods just arrived in Dubai!
March 31, 2013, 05:58:33 PM
We have a nice range of Hots rods just arrived. Hots Gipang 83H, Hots Gipang 77XH, Hots Gipang 711MH, Hots Gipang 78MH, Hots 72H and 72M, Hots Gigang 70MH, Hots Gipang 67H, 67M and 67L. These are all spinning rods. we also have some jigging rods. Hots Wei World 52XH, One Pitch Slider 56XH, Fake Lez 63H. I use the One Pitch slider 56XH for jigging and its amazing and can pull big fish. I have also just caught a good GT on the Hots Gipang 77XH and it worked like a dream. definatly getting more hots rods. Super light and are parabolic and super strong.