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Cody Munro

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Rote Island
March 08, 2017, 10:17:57 AM
Hey guys, just wondering if anyone here has fished around Rote Island in West Timor, I visited last year and apart from chasing a few small tuna and trevally around the surf breaks I didn't really have much success, although I could see the awesome potential a place like this had without the commercial exposure many places in Indo are usually subjected too. Any info will be greatly appreciated!

Fraser White

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Re: Rote Island
March 27, 2017, 05:05:57 PM
hey mate,

I went on a surf trip here a couple of years ago and we were lucky enough to get out for a fish one day. as i didnt bring any gear with me( kooked it) we had to use there gear so no chance of any jiggin or casting, but in one morning of trolling a few lures not far from the back of a few popular surf spots we landed a few solid spanish mackeral and a real solid doggie ( est 35kg) . like i said we didnt get a chance to throw any lures but my guess is you would do pretty well. I would love to get back here one day. the place is amazing.
hope you get a few.....  yewww
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Jason Haack

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Re: Rote Island
March 29, 2017, 09:54:59 PM
Nembrala now
This resort has 2 charter boats to choose from and have been nailing big dogs not far from the resort.
Understand there is good numbers of GT's there but not many clients have been wanting to chase them.
While I have never been there I know the owners and can vouch for this place as being worthwhile and your best bet if heading to Rotie