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Bugatti Reef Guides Report 28 April 2010
April 29, 2010, 08:37:42 AM
Chris report. This morning started off great worked blue holes and had a cracker. Saw 9 within the first half an hour. But these fish are really doing my head in at the moment, just not eating properly. Had them up right next to the boat they would sit there for a good minute or so looking at the poppers the guys were throwing at them then eventually have if I can say this a 'half arsed go' then nick off. But we managed to pull a solid 25kg GT out after all this mayhem. Moved through the blue holes down the reef seeing fish all the way through but as I said just couldn't stick the hooks in them. These fish have serious lock jaw. Pulled another brute out though around the 30 mark it was a good take as well. Saw an absolute horse. This fish would have had to be 40 plus it was ridiculously big. It lept out of the water for this skipjack popper got hooked in the air, took off like a bullet. There was that much pressure on this fish that the mono twisted leader burnt through the threaded loop on the jerry brown hollow braid. It would have to have been the best GT take I have ever seen. We were a bit bummed to not have landed this fish. As the day progressed we worked a few spots for gold spot and bludger travalley, shark mackerel and long toms to stop the boys getting a little bored as we waited for the slack tide to pick up a little. As the incoming tide began to pick up I thought the best option would be to work some shoals. We saw plenty of GTs there but still as the story goes on no luck in actually boating any of this fish. By this stage I was a little frustrated with these fish. But managed to boat another which made the last day for these blokes something to remember. All in all we saw a total of 15 GTs and boated a few which to me was a great day.

Nick Report:- Today started off pretty quiet as we were waiting for water to start moving properly in the last 40 mins of the run in tide. We worked some blue holes in the morning and didn't see many GTs, we did however manage to land a nice size Chinaman around 8kgs and some gold spots. We headed to the outside ledge where we managed to boat a GT around 15kg. Then head to another reef where there was an abundance of bait and fish with pack after pack coming up to eat the lures and even hooking up while one of the guys had his lure at the boat talking to his son, we got bust off by two fish there and landed two with a double hook up almost triple but the third reefed us. We then drifted over some mac tuna so we started flicking the light gear around and while bending on a mac tuna a pack of GTs came and ate the mac tuna off the hook at the boat - wild. Almost slack tide called for some light tackle where we managed to land some spaniards, sharkies, gold spots and some trout. When the tide started pushing we headed out for some more GTs and my were they waiting, again pack attack after pack attack we got busted off twice in the reef and that mayhem brought us to 5pm and starting to get borderline dusk so we called it a day.

Alex report- today started off with a bit of exploring while waiting for the tide to start pumping and the action to start. We only had a couple of half hearted follows when we came to an unreal little bommie with current pushing all over it and the action started, an adhek goby was engulfed right next to the boat and it sounded like someone had dropped a fridge in the water. This fish was tearing around all over the place but we had it away from the reef and I thought it was ours for sure when it made one huge run and busted us off. After that it turned into one of the most frustrating days fishing I had ever had all the fish just missed the lures, pop pop pop then a big splash and gone. After this happened about 10-12 times with still no boated fish it was driving me crazy. We came to a deeper shoal and had fish everywhere but no hook-ups when finally we set the hooks and landed a smallish gt of about 15-20kg I don't know if I have ever been so happy to see a runt of a GT. Very frustrating fish behaviour today but still plenty around so we will see what tomorrow brings.

Tim report: The weather was pleasant today and we started off by heading offshore to some shoals with great expectations that were unfortunately dashed as there was no bait on either the surface or the bottom. So back into the reef system we went and puzzled out a plan of action. Things were slow for the morning until the tide turned. The bait started showing and we had a good afternoon session on the poppers for GTs and a flurry of action on the light tackle, catching big Bludgers, Gold Spot Trevally and Mackerell - great fun. The highlight would be the 40kg Gt Dan got and his biggest for the trip as well as his biggest ever. He was totally wrapped with a huge grin on his face for the rest of the day. Next in Line was Arthur who so badly wanted another decent Gt and he got 2 for the day, one being 30kg which made him immensely happy. Happy anglers all round.