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New Arrivals for June 2010!
June 24, 2010, 12:31:32 AM
1. XQ (Xiao Qiang) jigs (150g to 600g) in assorted sizes and colors with lumo- Hot selling jig in Taiwan, Bottom weighted, Fast-sinking, Unique offset shape.
2. Patriot Design jigs- Blast Edge & Detonator in assorted sizes

3. Owner F-tool FT-03- best PE/Braid scissors...FT-03 has an additional cutter for wire lines and kevlar cord!
4. Panasonic Flash/Strobe light for illuminating Lumo jigs, Squid Jigs etc

5. YGK Seahunter Kevlar #30
6. NT Swivels assorted sizes 5/0-5
7. Owner Powerflex Assist Cord- this assist cord has a steel wire core, perfect for macks and other toothy critters
8. GT-Bio measuring tape for GTs- the only measuring tape in the market that can make measurements till 1.80m

9. Varivas PE line conditioner spray
10. Gamakatsu Ultimate Spec Assist Hook #30
11. Fuji SIC Guides in NEW E-colour!- MNSG, EKLSG etc...assorted sizes all new "E" color!
12. Bouz line cutter
13. Daiwa Ryoga Bay Jigging- New Model!

Check them out here: http://kaiser-pro-shop.blogspot.com/2010/06/more-new-arrivals-for-june-2010.html

14. Synit Pro Series wrapped in NZ- V450FT antacid, V250FT Spin, V350FT Spin, V150FT Spin
15. Synit Elite Series Antacid V450FT 4'8 wrapped in NZ
16. Synit V150FT shop custom with full Titanium SIC guides...sweet!
17. Synit V550FT 6' shop custom
18. Synit USA Tuna 500 and Tuna 200 Mattanza blanks (the Tuna 200 is an extra fast action blank designed for light jigs but with the but power of a 450 blank...for those of you who like the action of Calstars, this is the blank!)

19. Kaiser Light Jigging Blanks for light jigging in Pekan and Rompin. Rated for 40g-60g jigs, PE 1-3. In 5 different colours. Made in Korea.
20. Figure 8 solid rings, 900lb test for twin assist hooks.

Check these out here:  http://kaiser-pro-shop.blogspot.com/2010/06/new-arrivals-for-june-2010.html

21. Introducing the Kaiser range of Light Popping & Light Jigging Custom Rods.

1. Light Pop model designed specifically for Rompin Sails and smaller surface Pelagics like dorado, macks etc.

Line: PE2-4
Length: 7' (Blank length)

Blank made in Korea

2. Several light Jigging models designed for Ebeks, small trevally, reef fish. 2 models to choose from:

Ebek Delight rated 6kg for PE 1-2, jigs 50-100g

Versa Delight rated 8kg for PE 2-4, jigs 60-150g

Blank Made in Korea

Check these out here: http://kaiser-pro-shop.blogspot.com/2010/06/kaiser-range-of-light-popping-light.html
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Re: New Arrivals for June 2010!
June 24, 2010, 10:33:53 AM
Hey guys,

The GT tape sounds like simple yet interesting product!