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Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer 1 Oct 2011
October 03, 2011, 12:35:39 PM
Alex- Today was unbelievable, to leave Odyssey and burn to our new reef to fish on the outside edge and not get spray on the sunnies was special. Then the fishing, it was ridiculous. I cannot actually recollect how many fish we caught today, it was unbelievable. To save time and writing I will just throw some good moments out there, over 10 GTs with another 30 missing and pulling hooks, airborne doggies on stickbaits, boating 2 dogs one 20 one 70kg, airborne mackerel everywhere and a 30kg one on a light rod, the fish were just everywhere. It really  was one of those very special days that you don't often encounter and you really need to stop every once in a while between patches of mayhem and realise what a pristine fishery it is up here and how lucky we are to get pearler days like this.

John Dory:-  What a magic day to be on the water the weather was cracking with hardly a ripple on the water, we started the day by trolling some lures at a very likely doggie spot and had some chaos straight up with a double hookup of GTs with one going a solid 32kg, very next pass we had a doggie of 40kg plus get airbourne trying to eat our stickbait only to beaten to the bait by a 10kg GT, the morning rolled on with some more GT, trout, jobfish, and Mackerel before the afternoon session where we had red bass, Mackeral and GT packed up along this ledge that were competing with the sharks on almost every cast, non stop action today in conditions like this what more could you ask for.....

Clint: I'm sure you all out there have been to an aquarium well today out here on the reef it was like one big one without glass walls it was pretty incredible. With near glass conditions and super clear water it was awesome to see various species from red bass, trout, blue fin trevally and GTs to name a few in the shallows willing to eat our lures most lying just under the boat, with the deep edges having just as many fish. With so much action out there it is hard to remember all that happened but it was non stop all day with the highlight being Bruce who caught his first dogtooth a fish that had been on his wishlist for many years and I was glad to be a part of it literally. It went 70kg caught casting a popper and I had to help him bring it in, not bad for his first. A sick day on the water and one to remember

Glanville:- yet another ridiculous day out on the reef, we woke up this morning to a glass out and we set out eager to catch fish, after having a quick look around for an anchorage in the new area we immedieately set out to the outside edge to try for a doggie, I think we would have gone 20m and the rod was screaming away in true doggie fashion I still had the other rod in my hand, it all ended in tears and the fish screamed into the reef, the rest of the day continued in the same fashion and we got well and truly cleaned up by some giant hounds and manage to put a few smaller ones in the boat, to try and remember exactly what we caught is not quite possible but after 2 hours of casting lures my guys were spent and funny enough the rest of the guys took turns casting lures, we had a session drifting in the shallows where every cast was a fish and we had GT, redbass, trout and all sorts swimming under the boat and you could actually pick and choose what fish you wanted to catch...sounds unbelievable right, well it is, I'm battling to fathom exactly how many fish are in this place. Running home we stopped in the middle of nowhere to pack one of the bags away and one of the guys went down with a softplastic and instant bending, in the middle of nowhere in 40m, catching fish out here is definitely not rocket science...