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Jewell Reef Ultimate Adventure 6 Nov 2011
November 08, 2011, 03:20:43 PM
Glanville:- we woke up this morning to unbelievable weather and with morale high on the boat we headed out for the day's fishing, the first spot we stopped at looked unreal with mountains of bait I was sure the troll rods were going to scream away any second but unfortunately that was not to be the case we dropped a few soft plastics down and were immediately stuck into a bunch of spangled emperor and a few other species. My guys were keen to give a marlin a shot on stand up so we persevered with the troll gear in hope of getting a mackerel for bait but were a little unlucky, however we managed to snag a few rainbow runners on a metal slug. We set the lines out at about 1pm and couldn't ask for better water, dark blue, plenty current and tuna everywhere on the 250m drop off. It all happened at about 3:15pm the left rigger popped out and the sight of an 800lb+ marlin chewing on the bait as the swell lifted was somewhat overwhelming, we tightened up the 80lb rod and unfortunately the hook fell out after only being hooked up for a short period, we continued on with our skip bait still in the right rigger and we would have only gone 50m and a black shape appeared behind it that was a little smaller than the previous specimen, pop went the rigger and the game was on, a fish of around 450-500lb tore across the surface as the guys got the stand up harness ready to play and after a 20min battle and some nice aerobatics near the boat and we had the fish to the leader....what an awesome fish to catch on stand up gear and we will be straight back out there tomorrow to get the one that got away...

Clint:-Today we started of on the shallows and the fish sure did get the better of us there were some big trout and bass around and the boys seemed to have trouble getting them out of the reef though we managed to get one good size job fish. After lunch I bumped up the gear for the run in tide and this time the guys got the better of the fish we got some really big red bass and some trout and cod. A fun day on the water cruising the shallows.

John- Today the guys where in a chilled out mood and keen to play with the light tackle after yesterday's antics in the shallows. Unfortunately today the fishing was a little quieter and the big GT in the shallows failed to show themselves but with plenty of reef species cruising around we were kept entertained. After this we dropped some plastics around the reef edges for a nice swag of trout and a few spangled emperor with the odd shark making an appearance to keep them busy. Next on the agenda was a troll for a doggie and with plenty of bait marking on the drop off and the water pumping in nearly purple in colour hopes where high but after only one bite they didn't want to come back for any more action so we decided to go and play with some Red bass in the shallows and picked up one nice GT for the afternoon for a fun day on the water these guys are as casual as they get!!!

Saltaire: Today the guys were keen to give the marlin a serious crack. We set off on the search for some bait to troll on the heavy tackle rods and managed to catch some relatively easily. On the way out we stumbled across a spot that looked good to drop some jigs and we caught a few fish from Red Bass, Mack tuna and cod along with losing some decent fish in the process. It was now time for the heavy tackle the water is looking awesome at the moment. With plenty of bait and birds around the hopes were high but we didn't manage to raise one today although Glanny in the other boat boated a nice size black which tells us there are definitely Marlin to be caught this week. Tommorow's the day!!!