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Jewell Reef Ultimate Adventure 8 Nov 2011
November 09, 2011, 11:50:38 AM
Saltaire: Today we started off with a troll in some likely looking spots and caught a Spanish, Trout, Barracuda and a tax man. Whilst driving we saw a few lone GTs cruising on the shallows so it was time to throw some poppers, we managed to stick three good size GTs before it was time to put the heavy gear out and chase a Marlin. Unfortunately no Marlin today just heaps of cut offs from Wahoo Sharks and Big Barracuda. Hopefully tomorrow we see the big girl!!

John- Well today started quite slow with our efforts to pop, jig, soft plastics and light tackle in the shallows only providing a lonely shark and a cuda. With the plan to move anchorages we decided a run slightly inshore to some isolated reefs was needed and what a great move it was with GT, red bass, trout and bluefin coming aboard at regular intervals things where looking up! After making the run to the anchorage reef the tide had turned to run in and the fish came on the chew right on cue as we fished our way on the outside edge of the reef, after last week finding the mobile bombies of GTs we were in a similar area and my eyes were glued to the water when a small school of fish popped up right near the boat!! We managed a couple of momentary hookups before the fish disappeared into the depths, after having a sad moment we started heading back to the reef when we spotted a huge school of fish heading right for us and this time they played ball! A triple hookup and 3 fish to the boat all around 15kg was brilliant with the chaos in the boat the guys were pumped, finally to finish the day the last hour was spent on the edge of the shallows casting small lures for numerous trout and red bass and we even had a 40kg GT try and eat a hooked long nose emperor right next to the boat. From a slow start things had turned around in a big way and the guys could not have been happier about the sensational afternoon sessions

Glanville:- the weather has blessed us this trip very well and we woke up to another calm day, we had our day plan set in stone before we left the mothership and started off with a session on the flats which was fairly productive then a quick troll to catch a few marlin baits for the arvo, we got a nice spano of about 8kg and got spooled by another on the light gear which was quite an entertaining moment, its not often in a boat that you get completely spooled but I had the boat going backwards as fast as possible and it just wasn't enough, the plan was then to go and pop till we dropped and we hit the back edge of the reef hard and in a few hours tallied up with 7 GTs, 3 bluefins, 2 nice maori wrasse, a trout and a few decent redbass, it then came time for a chill out session and we put the marlin baits in at around 2pm, we had a perfect heavy tackle spread running out of the contender and I was actually quite nervous, we had an 8kg Spaniard skipping close and a 3kg queeny swimming at the back, we had been going about an hour when the pop of the rigger brought the boat to life again but she didn't eat the bait properly and sped off quite fast, I tried to give it a chance to eat it but just as I was about to tighten up and set the hook it spat the bait out...a little disappointing, I tell you what it is pretty exciting fishing for these beasts out of a small boat I just cant wait till we get properly attached to the giant.

Clint:- For the short time I fished today the reef was going off its brain and in two hours fishing with one client he caught 35 fish from bass, trout to trevally.The flats are alive. It does not get any better than this.