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New Rod arrivals at Fish Head
April 19, 2012, 06:21:12 PM
A whole heap of rods are arriving over the next week, so I thought I'd give everyone a heads up on what is coming in the shipments.

Just arrived:

Rouf Hiramasa 80/6
Fokeeto Twitch 78/4
New Fokeeto trevally 80/5 Duro

Coming Next week:
Deepshot 100 spin and overhead
Deepshot 150 spin and overhead

Kaha 300 Spin and overhead
Kaha Seriola overhead

Topshot Lalandi 7'10
Topshot GT 7'10

New Banshee M 7' 2pc spin
New Banshee H 7' 2pc spin
New Banshee H 7'6" 2pc spin
New Banshee Inchiku H 6'8" OH 2pc

Also coming next week
New UCB80EXT Red Custom 2012 model
New UCB74 Red custom and std black
UC79 Pro
UC70H Red custom and std black
New UCB77b Overhead slow style jig rod

Really looking forward to seeing some of the new rods in action, like the Zenaq 80/5, a sweet lightweight PE5-6 GT rod, The butt jointed Synit Banshees and the radically long FCL 7'7" jig rod.

We'll post more information as the rods arrive and we get to have an indepth look at them all.


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