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New Arrival!
July 18, 2013, 01:03:32 AM
Hi Guys,

Hope all is well and you are enjoying the hot sweltering summer!
We have been exposing ourselves in the sun with yet more fishing, and our latest catch is a 256lb Big Eye Tuna caught in North Carolina by one of our customer and friend Evan Gluck on our new rod the Saltywater Tackle OBX 400
Congratulations Evan! Read all about it HERE!

Here are the goodies that came in,

Varivas Super PE line
Varivas Dry Sun Visor VAC-23
Varivas Rod Belt VARB-L
Varivas Arm Cover VAI-03
Varivas Avani Casting SMP
Varivas Avani Casting PE Max Power
Varivas Dry Cap VAC-15
Varivas Game Glove VAG-05
Varivas Fluorocarbon Shock Leader
Varivas Nylon Shock Leader
Varivas SS Assist Line
Varivas Power Ring
Varivas Avani Big One PE
CB One Drifter 200 ND
CB One Rodeo 160
CB One Ozma HW 115 Sinking
CB One F1 Jig
Nagi Design T-Shirt Bonds
Nagi Design T-Shirt Saltwater Game
Nagi Design T-Shirt Sailfish
Nagi Design T-Shirt Bite
CB One T-Shirt Rodeo
CB One T-Shirt Eye
CB One Zero 1 Jig
CB One Ozma HW 140 Sinking
TMC Kevlar Cord

Tight lines,
Saltywater Tackle.
Saltywater Tackle
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Fax: 1 718 648 2667

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