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Rory McPherson

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Fisherman yellowtail vertical LLL
December 03, 2014, 05:51:42 AM
Is there anyone here who uses or who has used one of these rods ( for jigging )? I've owned several MCworks , Smiths and JMs but there are a couple of Fisherman rods I have a chance to buy and looking at the videos on youtube its hard to get the whole story . The Spinoza rods look very parabolic whereas the Yellowtail vertical looks a lot stiffer . more lifting power  ? I have read of breakages with the Spinoza but no negative feedback with the Yellowtail LLL ? Thanks

Dichamp Thibaud

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Re: Fisherman yellowtail vertical LLL
December 15, 2017, 08:38:23 PM
I have a vertical yellowtail LLL I use it mainly for the "jigging light" in Madagascar it is a fantastic rod that perfectly animates jigs up to 250gr, but its best range is 180g at 220g, I mainly use seven seas hooker 220 between 40 and 60 meters deep or up to 100m max.
This rod is very comfortable in animation it gives the feeling of doing the work alone.
in combat she is very comfortable gives a lot of sensation even on small fish (2 / 3kg) very good reserve of power, action two thirds parabolic and tip very marked in combat, owing to 5.8 ".
she finds its limits on fish over 20 / 30kg following the species.
the only small negative point is due to its flexibility of the tip, strike must be very supported. Finally we can classify the vertical LLL as a very good 50lb +
for the breakage problems that you have heard about it is mainly about spinoza and sparta.
the model that has apparently solved these problems of breakage and the pascal shorts which contains more fiberglass but their action is completely different.
Sorry for my langage but I'm french