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New Arrival!
February 17, 2015, 09:10:30 AM
Dear Customers and friends,
Apology for the late update, we were busy in the past week and we had no chance to send the newsletter on time.
We are gearing up and stocking the shop for North Carolina Bluefin Tuna season and we're keeping a close look by talking to the Captains on a weekly basis, due to bad weather most boats stayed at the dock waiting for a window, so it is only a matter of time before the weather get better and they get a chance to get out to locate the fish.
We encourage our customers to take a close look at the CB One Zorro 270, this model is been tested in North Carolina last year and had good results, the lure has a great darting action for those that tend to use it with single hook.

The following is the new products that arrived:
Seaguar Blue Label Big Game Fluorocarbon Leader
Seaguar Fluoro Premier Fluorocarbon Leader
Yozuri H.D Carbon Leader
BKK GT-REX Treble Hooks 6071-7X-HG In Stock With All Size!
BKK Light Jigging Needle Point Hooks 8070-3X-NP
CB One Zorro 270 Saltywater Tackle Special Color New!
CB One G2 New!
CB One Quick Zero 1
CB One C1 Semi Long Jig
CB One F1 Jig
CB One Zorro 240 Saltywater Tackle Special
CB One Zorro 220 Saltywater Tackle Special
CB One Max Power Swivel
CB One Max Power Split Ring EXH
CB One Max Power Split Ring
CB One Max Power Swivel EXH
Aftco Lure Fishing Sun Mask MSM2001
Aftco Offshore Fish Sun Mask MSM2002
Shout Cradle Shinning Slow Fall In Stock With New Size!
Shout Jig Width
Shout Jig Stay
Shout Jig Shab Shab
Shout Engra Plug
Shout Expedition Bag IV (522EB)
Shout Water Guard Case ll (505WC)
Shout System Jig Bag III (524SJ)
Shout Separate Jig Bag III
Shout Rod Tip Cover 520TC
Shout Rod Belt
Shout Mesh Cap
Shout PE Scissors 812 SC
Shout PE Scissors 811SC
Shout Kudako Hooks
Shout Ringed Kudako 207 RK
Shout Powerful Assist 25-PA
Shout Power Jaco Hook Glow 10-PJ
Shout Press Ring 74-PR
Shout Heavy Press Ring
Shout Powerful BB Swivel (412PB)
Shout Stickers
Power Pro Hollow Ace
Power Pro Hollow Ace Splicing Kit
Owner STX58-Zowire Treble
Owner ST-76 Stinger Treble Hooks
Owner ST-66 Stinger Treble Hooks
Hammerhead Cherry Asymmetry 200-SUS New!
Hammerhead C CUP SUS New Colors!
Jerry Brown Hollow Spliceable Line One Spectra
Jerry Brown Hollow Spectra Splicing Kit
Jerry Brown Hollow Spectra Splicing Tools

Tight lines,
Saltywater Tackle.
Saltywater Tackle
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 1 732 307 2580
Fax: 1 732 307 2581

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