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Bugatti Reef Guides Report 14 April 2010
April 14, 2010, 03:27:29 PM
Damon Report:- A front came through from the SW today, and the weather was a little average. Rain most of the morning made it hard to see the reef, and as such, the GT fishing was pretty hard work. We had a good day catching longtail tuna on the light gear, got quite a few Spanish and shark mackerel, and a good fun session on bludger trevally. Chris caught his first GT today of around 24kgs on a stick shadd, so he was quite pleased with this. The fish were really not feeding due to the weather change, but considering the challenging conditions we had a good day. The guys are catching some big GTs from the back of the mothership on fly as I write this. Glanny also landed a nice GT from the back of the mothership on a stick shadd.

Glanville Report:- Had some breakfast which was more a case of swallow now and chew later as I had a couple of Gt manics ready to go...we started off with sparks and flames and had 2 Gts to the boat within the 1st 10 casts, with shoals of Fusiliers getting bust up all around my boat the mad scramble to line up for another drift was beyond words, by this stage I had my sights set on a "cricket score". The mirror calm sea was still present at this early stage of the morning but after fishing many perfect looking places with shoal upon shoal of frightened fusiliers it was obvious that due to the front approaching the fish had shut down completely. Probably the best experience for the day was in a blue hole where a 30kg fish charged and engulfed the lure only 5m from the boat and in only 2m of water some interesting driving between some scary bommies and we got him in for some pics. Even though the weathjer turned a little foul during the day we still raised about 20 gts but due to the reluctance to feed properly and a little bad luck we only managed to get 4 fish to the boat. In saying that the action at the end of the day back at the mothership was if we were in another world the Gts were going crazy and I think we managed to get 6 to
the boat including a cobia which is extremely rare for out here.         

Chris Report:- The day started off well seeing good fronts of fusiliers.
Managing to pull a few out. Worked my way down south to a few other edges where the current was pushing over. Good shows of fusiliers and still managing to pull the odd one out. As the morning progressed so did the weather making quite hard to see the reef. The GT fishing you could say was quite hard work. As the morning turned into the afternoon we began seeing and catching quite a mixed bag of species. We had a good session of bludger and gold spot travalley, coral trout. Shark mackerel and long tail tuna. The fishing today you could say was a little on the down side be we managed to have a good day, catching plenty of fish.