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Drive Out Trip 19 June 2011
June 20, 2011, 09:44:23 AM
Drive Out Trip 19 June 2011:

Glanville:- What a day....we started today with an attack plan to catch as many GTs as possible, so the guys put the small rods to rest and pulled out the heavy artillery, it took a while to get the ball rolling this morning but when it did we got into a serious rhythm by lunch we had 6 GTs and a giant 20kg cuda, we decided to anchor up for a bit of a lunch break, half way through lunch I couldn't resist a cast at the edge of the reef and as the popper hit the water it was destroyed, straight away one of the other guys sent a lure flying and we were into a double hook up whilst eating lunch on anchor, talk about being in a sticky situation... after lunch we started to make our way to the new anchorage and found this little ledge that was just insane, every cast we had fish coming up and double and triple hook ups were just part of the game, we slayed the fish along that edge for an hour before we had some interesting circumstances which kind of halted our rhythm, one of the guys snapped a rod high sticking a 25kg Spaniard and not long after that with all the slime involved a rod slipped out of one of the guys hands, for a tragic end it proved to be insanely funny, as I took to the broken rod with a knife and electrical tape, we managed to hook another 3 GTs on the stump but pulled the hooks everytime, I put it down to the rod having too much back bone, we were victorious in the end and good old stumpy managed to get a 10kg coral trout which is a rarity for this area, the total for the day was 24 GTs, well done to all the boys on the boat today, fantastic day.

Alex- From starting like a greyhound yesterday to being more like a overweight Labrador today. It took us about a hour and a half to see a couple then finally boated one later in a nice blue hole. We kept seeing fish but just could not convert.
One interesting turn of events was a painful barracuda that ate not one but two little stickshads and then cut a nice trout in half, all within the same cast.
We then made a run and had some nice action early on and ended up having a couple of nice fish just milling around under the boat. My favourite bit of action for the day was a nice shoal that had heaps of current pouring over the top and making pressure waves on the back. The Gts were holding on these pressure waves and we had them crashing out of the waves after our lures. We caught 3 like this and missed a few others in fairly quick time. We ended up with 9 GTs and various other critters. Fairly steady action all day but nothing like what tomorrow will have in store.

Peter:- What a cracker of a day good wind conditions clear sky and the fishing was fierce. There wasn't more than 15mins the whole day when we didn't see a fish which had the guys and myself in suspense all day. We ended up boating 10 GTs for the day which doesn't do the day justice for the amount of GTs that we saw and hooked. A lot of GTs and lures were lost to the reef today although a 28kg GT was caught in a blue hole today which was an awesome capture considering the reef bommies around us that we had to dodge, at 1 stage it looked like we were backing up on a marlin. Plenty of light tackle fish were caught while the boys were trying to relax their arms which was a great way to break up the fishing for a bit. Another awesome sight was a 18kg Spanish getting air born on a cubera popper which we finally managed to get to the boat. What a cracker of a day I can't wait to se what surprises tomorrows fishing has install for us all.